Places to go for your honeymoon

The honeymoon. The best part of getting married. When it is time to go your honeymoon there are decisions to make where to go. Your honeymoon is a time in your life where you can decide to visit a place you never visited before. 

Or want to experience and do things for the first time like diving, hiking, etc. At this point, there is a lot of places you can go to and enjoy your honeymoon.  

St. Lucia in South Africa

If you are an outdoor person as well as your soulmate this place is for you to visit. You can go on a safari to go and see the big five, there is also a safari to see the sunset, go on a boat safari from Durban or if you like to see different fish species you can go diving with the team of the cost of St. Lucia. 

There are a lot of outdoor activities you can do when on your honeymoon, you think the activities are great wait until you see the resort you will be staying and the view you will be having like the sunset and sunrise.

Bora Bora in Society Islands of French Polynesia

 Bora Bora is an island and a real paradise. Some tourist visits this island because of the clear blue water and soft white sand. The reason most tourists would recommend visiting this island is because of its paradise look. But it has everything you need to make it feel like a paradise, with the beach the luxury homes. 

The view from the beach mountain is something to see, you can go Scuba diving, and even swim with the fishes under the sea. This a real paradise island that must be on your bucket list to visit for your honeymoon. The only thing you can hear at night is the sound of the water and the bugs so it is peaceful there, and you can see different fishes when you go diving. 

 Your honeymoon happens just once in your life so make the most of it and visit a place you couldn’t visit when you were a teen and want to visit places. And make a bucket list and on your honeymoon, you can go there make the most of your honeymoon. Make it something to remember when you are old and living in the old age home. Going to one of these places will give you a holiday to remember.